Saudi Arabia Aiming to build a world-class electric vehicle brand, 15 thousand vehicles per year, meet the Vision 2030

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Mr.Essam Saleh H.Algetale, Chargé d’Affaires of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Thailand, revealed that Saudi had signed a contract to build a brand of 15 thousand electric cars a year.

Aims to expand the market, and invites Thai investors to study, visit Saudi Arabia, and discuss technology and investment exchanges with technology centers in Tech Park, Thailand.

Question : Neom is the backbone of Vision 2030, one of the policies aimed at developing Saudi Arabia into the modern era. It is expected that this policy will free the country from oil and stabilize the country’s economy.

Answer : Neom is a city that was created to be different and outstanding in the global community . Neom is a city that wants to focus on the development of industrial technology. The goal of this city as I have learned , wanting to have foreign companies to invest in this city as well. Therefore, what companies do you have in Thailand that you can invest in? I also wanted Thailand companies to invest there.

About 70 Thai businessmen who traveled in mid-May this year. There were also discussions about the investment in Neom. 20 days ago, representatives Head of the Saudi Investment Authority and Representative of the Aramco Authority about oil. There were also discussions with a group of representatives from Thailand. They have exchanged ideas and exchange views on upcoming trade and investment to achieve the goal of urbanization of technology and industry. This is an unprecedented cooperation between the two countries. In the past, They call it all modern technology.

I didn’t know what to say because I was not on the line. It was a new, innovative technology. I thought that if there was a company that was involved or that a Thai tech company would like to visit, go see, Let’s exchange them in order to know what we can do together in that part. There was not only city of Neom. There are other cities, it may be able to expand to other cities as well.

Question: “Open Perspectives”, Charge d’affaires of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Thailand pointed out that .. cooperation in technology For the first time in history, it is unlikely that… Saudi Arabia may be interested in investing in the manufacturing-importing sector of automobiles.

Answer: There really is no blocking. But it’s open to people with specific interests. Whether it is a government agency or a private sector, now there is no mention here. But not blocking if opening all of them here. It is possible that both the public and private sectors involved in technology may join here in the future.

In Thailand, almost every place is outstanding. It is unique in terms of trade and investment. For Saudi Arabia itself, Thailand, the whole country, every sector, every region can invest, but where and how, right now, you can’t be specific.
I think that any country can attract investors to invest in their own country? Considered to have a basis that is known and already known all over the world . Therefore, Thailand is one of the countries that can attract investors. Saudi Arabia considers When Thailand is a country that is already in a recognized state. Saudi Arabia was delighted to come. But how will it come in? It’s something that may be discussed next time.

Thailand itself has a car factory. Car spare parts are produced. Investments may be in this regard. Or it may be that Thailand has expertise in agriculture. It may be an investment in agriculture.

Question: Recently… Saudi has signed a contract to produce 15 thousand electric vehicles a year. Saudi brand. But aim for big first. May further expand by signing additional exports

Answer : Saudi Arabia recently signed a contract with one of the world’s largest automakers. In order to produce electric vehicles in Saudi Arabia and it aims to produce 15,000 vehicles a year, an electric vehicle for the Saudis. It is possible because according to the marketing plan of the investment.

Of course, you have to focus on the big goals first. So the big target is Saudi Arabia. When the big target is complete, it will expand to the area. Therefore, there may also be an additional signing to export cars from Saudi Arabia to foreign countries as well.

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