Thailand-Saudi Arabia relations only three and a half months, has made great progress.

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Since Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha had the opportunity to visit Saudi Arabia recently on January 25, 2022, that meeting was an important. The history of both countries he reaffirmed the relationship between Thailand and Saudi Arabia has progressed better than before.

EEC News had the opportunity to interview Mr. Essam Saleh H. Algetale, Charge d’affaires of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Thailand.

Question: Relationship between Thailand and Saudi Arabia, 32 meaningful years from 1997 until the present. General Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Thai Ministers met, How has Prince Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud brought to the trade talks between the two ministers?

Answer : First of all, he would like to welcome all the delegations from EEC News who had the opportunity to meet with. Come to interview him today and welcome. And greet the viewers who are watching the program at home as well. Which is currently watching the program through EEC News.

The relationship between Thailand and Saudi Arabia. It’s a very old relationship. It started in 1957 and the relationship has passed over many periods, leading to the weakening of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Since Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha had the opportunity to visit Saudi Arabia on January 25, 2022, the visit of Prime Minister Prayut at that time was an invitation of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has made progress. Phenomenon in the story of the restoration of relations between the two countries once again.

That meeting was an important meeting in the history of the two countries. Meeting between Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha and the Crown Prince, At that time there was a clear statement that progress would be made. In terms of cooperation in various fields between two countries. Therefore, it is considered a confirmation that there is a starting point for cooperation to develop the country. Continue to develop relationships in the dimensions of the future.

The charge d’affaires said that he would like to confirm that the relationship between Thailand and Saudi Arabia, To confirm to Thai society ,to Thailand and All Thai people’s brothers and sisters say relations between Saudi Arabia and Thailand have progressed better than ever before. which has tried to cooperate in various dimensions in various fields of cooperation. And this effort has already begun three and a half months ago. And there has been progress of discussions and meetings until today. The different perspectives more clear.

Recently, representatives from Saudi Arabia have arrived in Thailand in late March 2022. Representing the Government of Saudi Arabia A total of 55 Saudi officials have come on behalf of the ministry. All departments, about 60 departments together and have exchanged talks with the Thai authorities as well.

There are signatures on various matters between Thailand and Saudi at that meeting as well, and every aspect of the discussion at that time. The signing is a new dimension for Thailand too. And also discussing where to find career development opportunities in the future for Thai people who will also go to work in Saudi Arabia. And in meetings at that time, there was an agreement to make a roadmap to strengthen the relationship between the two countries even more in dimensions and in various fields.

Question: Mr. Suchart Chomklin, Minister of Labor has undertaken labor cooperation until the signing of 2 labor agreements, namely.. Agreement on labor recruitment and Agreement on the recruitment of domestic workers. The Department of Employment (DOE) is in the process of receiving job postings from its office in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Riyadh) and employers from Saudi Arabia. Then the first batch of Thai workers can be dispatched within 45 days. Subsequently, the work was continued by the private sector. Chamber of Commerce visits the city to understand Saudi Arabia.

Answer : Another important thing is between May 15-18, 2022, there was a delegation from Thailand, both from the government. The government and the private sector have also traveled to continue the roadmap . And this trip, the head of the delegation was the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Don (Pramudwinai) and together with the delegation, about 154 people, to discuss over there.

In addition to the part of the economic leader who went to the President of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, Sanan ( Ang-Ubolkul), and also visited Riyadh. The High-level officials overthere welcomed and discussed the possibility of investing in Saudi Arabia and Thailand as well. In addition to visiting Riyadh, They also have the opportunity to visit other cities. In Saudi Arabia the northern city, Medina, al-Ula, and to Jeddah. And also to many other cities. Considered as a short trip to go, but to get to know Saudi Arabia better.

In terms of labor, it is considered similar exchange and recognize the needs of both parties that What does Saudi Arabia want? And what Thailand still has to be able to provide that way?

Question : The position is not clear!! Chargé d’affaires of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia toThailand indicates that .. Saudi want to develop tourist attractions Up to 100 million tourists in 2030!! Tourism workers have received a lot of attention.

Answer : Around mid-March, The Labor Minister (Mr. Suchart Chomklin) has made an MOU with the Saudi Minister of Human Resources and Social Development. As for labor, it is one of the things that have already been discussed and considered a matter that needs to be discussed between the two countries. In order to find out what kind of labor vacancies are currently in demand in Saudi Arabia. The labor market in Saudi Arabia is quite large and be able to accept or need a lot of workers to go to work, Must also respond to Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.

Therefore, Saudi Arabia has a wide range of labor demands, such as Labor taken to be a construction workers. It is the labor that will go to help in the construction of various extensions. whether it is in the matter of the airport, regarding the trains, those things go to the transportation. There is also a matter of nurses, staff who will do public health and there is also a matter of domestic workers. The matter of the staff who will take care of various matters of hospitality. Therefore, Saudi Arabia is a rather vast market. And there is a need to support a lot of these workers from Thailand in the future,in the branches mentioned here.

In particular, the requirements of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 are to receive 100 million tourists by 2030. Thailand has experienced it. Has expertise in taking care and serving tourists as well. And traveling where like islands out of town. Therefore, in Saudi Arabia itself There is a need for these people to help guide, to assist in the expansion of tourism.

Saudi Arabia wants to develop a tourist destination on the Red Sea and there are many islands and rapids. Want to develop a tourist attraction of various islands in order to attract tourists from all over the world to visit. Have to build hotels, accommodation and make it a tourist attraction.

The Thai Minister of Tourism and Sports (Mr. Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn) also visited Saudi Arabia on May 15-18 to discuss the matter of the plan. How will we work together to take care of tourism together between these two countries? which is not easy to determine the exact type of labor because the needs of Saudi Arabia are diverse. Therefore, today it is not yet possible to determine whether to take that one or the other. That one can’t, can’t say, the need to use unskilled labor or skilled labor with high demand and diversity. In a short summary, all unskilled and skilled labor bring them there. We would like to confirm that the matter of labor, both of us have already discussed.

As for the type of career to be undertaken. At this time, it has not yet been specified which one to begin with,which one needs ,which one first. What kind of needs come after, it will be prioritized before – after and then allocated. Saudi Arabia is now continuously working closely with the Thai labor minister to determine in what dimensions and how we will eventually begin exporting labor and what rules, regulations and rules will be in place. How can you be detailed between the two countries?

Question : Emphasize the good relationship between the two countries to be good alliances and provide trade opportunities, investments that are good for each other with the heart. Chargé d’affaires of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Thailand unfortunately during the Covid-19, missed the opportunity to visit the city. If the disease situation improves, it is necessary to complete all 4 regions.

Answer : When Prime Minister Prayut went to meet the Crown Prince on January 25, we discussed many things and one of the things that we discussed was matter to be appointed new Ambassador to be in the Saudi embassy in Thailand. Right now, it’s in the final phase of discussing when and how it will come. In the end, I thought that soon, there would be an Ambassador.

In the diplomatic process, There will be a matter of preparing various documents. So it might take a little longer. But of course, the appointment of an Ambassador is not only in Thailand. It happen between two countries ,Thailand also sent over there. And over there, it was sent to Thailand as well.

Charge d’affaires served about 1 year and 9 months, he had not had the opportunity to leave Bangkok at all because during that time, It’s during the covid epidemic. So had to control the situation, detain various things. He said that during the time that he was there and during the covid period, he didn’t go anywhere. And when the covid subsides, he have the opportunity to go to the north went to Chiang Mai and had the opportunity to go to Chonburi and also passed through


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