LINE MAN Wongnai rolls out same-sex marriage benefit of 20,000 THB, supporting LGBTQ+ employees

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June is widely recognized as Pride Month which people across the globe celebrate gender diversity, LGBTQ+ rights, equality and inclusivity. LINE MAN Wongnai is a company that wants to bring together people of all ages and genders to collaborate under its core value ‘Respect Everyone’

Anontawong Marukpitak, Vice President of People, LINE MAN Wongnai, said, “One of our most important corporate cultures is ‘Respect Everyone’. We firmly believe in treating all employees, regardless of gender or age, with the same respect and fair opportunity to work. Presently, around 10% of our employees are LGBTQ+ in which many of them are in the management positions.”

He continued, “As a part of Pride Month, we’re celebrating diversity and gender equality by providing additional benefits to LGBTQ+ employees such as:

20,000 THB in support of same-sex marriage, similar to the benefit offering toheterosexual married couples, simply by submitting photos from the wedding ceremony as proof
10-day leave for child adoption
30-day surgery leave for trans person

Anontawong further detailed LINE MAN Wongnai’s commitment to support the LGBTQ community by explaining, “We aim to make LINE MAN Wongnai a safe place for everyone by providing a workplace environment where everyone can be themselves and express their full talent, creativity, and potential. The LGBTQ+ workforce is one of our core strengths, thus we’re working on enhancing their benefits as the rest of our workforce.”

LINE MAN Wongnai celebrates gender diversity and equality. Our aim is to create an inclusive ‘Gender Neutral’ workplace environment. For those who are interested to join us, please contact us at

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