Magik Growth 100 billion durian bags The prototype of creating world-class premium fruit.

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By Jaturong Kobkaew -April 12, 2022

Even though durian is Thailand’s number 1 export fruit in 2021, it has grown as high as +68.4%, making more than one hundred billion baht in income. But durian farmers are still facing problems with pests and diseases that destroy durians in the fruit development stage and cause damage. Although agricultural net bags are used to wrap durians to protect against insect pests, which can prevent worm nests. But still have the problem that it is unable to prevent mealybugs and black mold. Makes durian skin unattractive and damage.

Most farmers solved the problem by spraying pesticides. Which in addition to increasing costs, there are still health problems. National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) therefore invents innovations “Durian wrap bags” to solve such problems.

NSTDA has developed various research and technology to expand the results of the technology demonstration area to test the efficiency and increase the value of durian. Assign a textile research team Advanced Polymer Technology Research Group National Metal and Materials Technology Center (MTEC) in collaboration with the Faculty of Agricultural Technology King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang. Bringing knowledge of materials science to develop polymer compound formula together with nonwoven forming technology.To make the nonwoven material have the property to allow water and air to pass through easily. It also has the ability to select the appropriate light range for the photoreceptor cells on the fruit surface. Until becoming a prototype research innovation, the trade name is Magik Growth or innovation of nonwoven fruit wrapping bags.

It helps durians that are wrapped in Magik Growth bags can create important substances in the fruit such as starch, sugar, various antioxidants.

The experiments were conducted both at the laboratory level and at the field level in the durian plantation area, Klaeng District, Rayong Province, from 2019 to the present. Research data has been collected systematically. It was found that Magik Growth durian bags helped farmers to save costs and be environmentally friendly by reducing the use of chemical pesticides. Can increase the weight and skin quality of durian fruit to become premium grade durian. In addition, this bag can be reused for up to 2 seasons.

Dr. Nattaphob Suwanmek, Researcher of Textile Research Team Advanced Polymer Technology Research Group, MTEC

“Wrapping durians with Magik Growth durian bags has the advantage of increasing the weight of durian fruit. In the past 2021 test results, the weight of durian increased by 17.7% from the number of 6 durian plantations in Rayong province. And weight increased by 14.4% from the number of durian plantations in 4 plantations in Narathiwat Province,” said Dr. Nattaphob Suwanmek, researcher of the Textile Research Team Advanced Polymer Technology Research Group, MTEC said.

The researchers brought Magik Growth wrapped bags in 4 colors (blue, white, black and red) to test the durian wrappers at “Chalhi Style Durian Plantation” that belong to Khun Nuannapha Charoenruay , Klaeng district, Rayong province last season. Compared to unwrapped durians and durians wrapped in agricultural net bags that farmers had previously used. With the collection of both humidity temperature throughout the wrapping period. Results from continuous testing for 3 production seasons, it was found that Magik Growth Durian Wrapping Bags Red. It is desirable to use durian wrappers instead of spraying pesticides. It also helps to increase the size of durian fruit as well as significantly increase the amount of durian pulp.

Data from the 2021 test, weight of unwrapped fresh durian fruit. The average weight was 3.56 kg, compared to the average weight of 4.05 kg Magik Growth bag. Durian peel thickness It was found that the unwrapped fruits were 1.36 cm thick, while those wrapped in Magik Growth bags were only 1.01 cm thick. When the ratio of peel weight, pulp weight and seed weight were measured will gain weight in the durian comparison of unpacking (control) at a weight of 290 grams, with wrapping with a Magik Growth bag weighing up to 379 grams.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Lampan Kwanpool
Asst. Prof. Dr. Lampan Kwanpool, Lecturer at the Department of Plant Production Technology Faculty of Agricultural Technology KMITL.

“From the data collection inside the durian balls It was found that the durians wrapped in Magik Growth bags had a 30% thinner peel thickness, resulting in a 10% increase in the total weight of the durian fruit and more firmness, yellow flesh color. And wrapping the fruit with Magik Growth bags had no effect on the aging of durian fruit on the tree. The wrapped fruit has increased dry weight accumulation. When stored at room temperature, it was found that Durian wrapped in Magik Growth bags ripened about 2 days later than unwrapped,”Asst. Prof. Dr. Lampan Kwanpool, Lecturer at the Department of Plant Production Technology Faculty of Agricultural Technology, KMITL,explained in detail.

Nuannapha Charoenruay, owner of a Chalhi-style durian plantation, Klaeng District, Rayong Province.

Nuannapha Charoenruay, owner of a Chalhi-style durian plantation in Klaeng District, Rayong Province, revealed that she was a new durian farmer from durian planting in 2011 and got the first crop in the next 5 years. In the plantation, durians are planted in clumps (1 hump, 3 trees) to help with the matter of supporting the trunk so that it does not fall easily , reduce the amount of fruiting on the plant. The trees are not shabby after harvesting the produce and focus on pruning the tree to have a canopy height of not more than 6 meters.

From almost 10 years of durian plantation experience, it is evident that durian is a plant that requires attention and care at every step. Therefore, there is an intention to reduce the use of chemicals and pesticides from disease and insect problems. Especially during fruit development phase (65-70 days, durian fruit is about the size of a 1.5 liter bottle of soft drink), which is the stage where the fruit has starch accumulation before turning into sugar when ripe (110-120 days). Developing this fruit is often infested by durian fruit borers or nest worms, mealybugs and black mold. Causing dwarf and small durian fruit to not grow The quality of durian fruit is not acceptable to consumers.

Until the last season learned the results of testing the use of Magik Growth durian wrapped bags innovation from a team of researchers from MTEC, NSTDA and Lecturers from King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang.The results show that Magik Growth durian bags will not only help answer the problem of reducing chemicals. Prevent durian borer and mealybugs and black mold effectively beautiful durian skin. The result was good weight and the amount of durian pulp increased as well.

“Originally, we used agricultural net bags. Wrap the durian to prevent pests instead of spraying chemicals . which prevents the worm nest But still have the problem that it is unable to prevent mealybugs and black mold. Makes durian skin unattractive and damage But when I started experimenting with Magik Growth durian bags for a while In addition to reducing the cost of chemicals about 6 times, it also helps prevent mealybugs and black mold. Making durians have beautiful skin good growth results

The products are of standard quality. This results in the confidence of consumers to eat durian that is safe. The increased weight of the fruit helps us to earn more and reduce the use of chemicals. This results in a better quality of life and a much better environment in the durian plant. It is considered a way to create sustainability for the modern durian farmers.
Especially if there is a problem in the future, the durian price crisis will allow us to stand. This year is the first year to sell durians that are produced from Magik Growth durian bags. Will try to send to China, which has already contacted for purchase.

Peeraphan Jiwapornthip, Managing Director of Salee Color Co., Ltd.

To make this point of innovation widespread, Access to the needs of durian farmers in all areas, MTech Research Team, NSTDA, therefore, has transferred technology to Salee Colour Public Company Limited in 2021 for production and distribution in the country, said Peeraphan Jiwaphonthip, Managing Director of Salee Colour Company Limited As a technology transferee, Magik Growth said, “Five years ago, Salee Colour Company Limited chose the innovation of Mtech. Magik Growth durian bags, which have been experimenting with durian farmers in the network of MTEC for almost 4 years, have been satisfactory. Both the quality of the bags that can be used for a long time, can be reused for up to 2 years, and the efficiency of the wrapping bags also help the durian to be of high quality.

At present, Magik Growth durian bags are produced for distribution to durian farmers. Interested parties can purchase from Salee Colour Company Limited and soon are developing distribution channels in modern trade department stores such as HomePro, etc. Magik Growth bags are considered the first Thai innovations that the company bought the rights to produce for sale. The company believes that innovative products Must have partners who agree which MTEC NSTDA can meet the needs.”

Orathai Euatrakul, a former expert in the import and export system of plants and inputs

Oratai Euatrakul, a former expert in the import and export system of plants and inputs, said, “Brushing durian, This is the first time I’ve seen , which from an inspection of the plant , I see that it’s a response to exports. Especially on phytosanitary issues which foreign countries have accepted at a certain level. By using durian bags, This is clearly a reduction in the use of chemicals. And the problem of pests that destroy durian fruit. Therefore, it should be encouraged to continue to maintain export standards. Especially the problem of pests and residues in durian, This will allow Thai durians to go a long way.”

Kulprapha Navanukroh Assistant Director NSTDA.

Kulprapha Navanukroh Assistant Director of NSTDA concluded that “NSTDA focuses on the development of research and various technologies to expand the results of the technology demonstration area for testing the efficiency and adding value of agricultural products. And durian is the world’s top export economic fruit, in line with the BCG (Bio-Circular-Green Economy) economic model announced by the government as a national agenda. The Magik Growth Durian Wrapping Bag innovation responds to the ‘circular economy’ that can bring various materials back to make the most of including answering ‘Green Economy’ that focuses on solving pollution problems to reduce the impact on the world.

At the same time, NSTDA is also working in the innovation zone of the Eastern Economic Corridor (EECi). This visit marks the beginning of EECi in Wang Chan District, Rayong Province, which is an innovation area that NSTDA is taking care of it.”
In the future, we will see many more exciting agricultural innovations through research and development from EECi come to the market to create a high-value economy for Thai farmers.

Jaturong Kobkaew : With a passion for the scent of ink, After graduating from Phranakhon Rajabhat University. He applied to be a writer with a small magazine in 1992 before being persuaded to write a pocket book novel into a publishing house. But fell into the imaginary world and soon returned to journalism with magazines and newspapers Until turning to the economic news, trade – investment since 1996 until now.

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