Automation Expo 2022 Driving Industry 4.0

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By salika -March 17, 2022

Automation Expo 2022 is another important event that helps uplift the country. Towards a new advancement landscape in the style of Industry 4.0 and the next-generation 5G infrastructure communication.

Organized by Mr. Teera Kittitheerapornchai, CEO of Green World Publication, with the Office of Convention and Exhibition Promotio (Public Organization) (TCEP), The Federation of Thai Industries, Office of the Board of Investment, National Innovation Agency together with Pattaya City. The event was held at the Nong Nooch International Convention and Exhibition Center, Pattaya, during March 16-18, 2022. The opening ceremony took place yesterday (March 16, 65). High-level executives from various agencies attended the ceremony too.

In addition to Khun Teera, CEO of Green World Publication, the organizer of the event. There was also Mr. Supawan Teerarat, Deputy Director of TCEP Development and Innovation Division, gave a speech in support of the event, and Mr. Kriengkrai Thiennukul, Vice Chairman of the Federation of Thai Industries, was the chairman of the opening ceremony, as well as being a keynote speaker giving a special talk.

At the opening ceremony, Dr. Apichart Thongyu, Chairman of the EEC HDC attended the opening ceremony and discussed ways to develop personnel potential to support the new generation of production systems with Demand Driven education/learning or EEC Model Type A and EEC Model Type B education.

This is the 4th Automation Expo 2022 as the communication and global economic structure have changed. As a result, Thailand has to drive itself towards a new era of progress. Especially in the wave of production that requires upgrading the whole process. Combined with new advances in technology collectively known as Industry 4.0, automation technology, artificial intelligence system, various intelligent mechanisms and innovations to enhance the production and logistics systems into the digital platform mode. In order to move away from the old economy that revolves around creating content, production and services that use human labor as the main.

At this Automation Expo 2022, it is considered to be a mobilization of automation technology business groups related to new advancements to meet and create business matching in order to adapt themselves to Smart factory or Industry 4.0 with advice from experts, organizations with potential in the development of industry,the Smart factory, including 5G throughout the country, such as Mitsubishi Factory Automation, AIS, Delta, PTT Digital, as well as EEC Automation Park, the automation technology network center in the EEC area to meet and create a new economy together. In the event, besides exhibiting automation technology and industrial robots. There are also Metaverse demonstrations and more than 30 seminars on interesting topics, all of which are near advanced technologies that we need to accelerate to know and learn to support the development of Industry 4.0.

It must be acknowledged that the Covid-19 crisis is an important accelerator of Thai entrepreneurs in adopting automation and digital technology in the manufacturing sector. In the past, we often hear that Thai industry is still in the industry 2.0 +/- or at the very least, not more than 3.0, while entrepreneurs themselves do not have a clear direction on what to develop first. But with the impetus from various EEC projects, Thai people are starting to have more information and have a clearer vision of the destination. We can see that Smart Factory or Digital Manufacturing, It’s not something that’s too far away. From what we used to look only at robotic systems or automated machines but the entrepreneurs look forward to adopting digital systems as a foundation to support future competitive strategies.

The results of the survey of target groups through Digital and Webinar channels in the past year. It found that the industry sector is increasingly interested in knowledge of Data management, ERP, Low-cost automation, Predictive maintenance, all of which continue to focus on the goal of increasing productivity and reducing costs to maintain competitive strength. According to a survey of more than 6,025 participants on the technologies interested in investing in factories, the top three are related to automation and digital technology. Of great interest is that most of them are medium-sized factories, a target that we believe has the potential to develop and will significantly affect Thailand’s competitiveness. which this movement It will be an important driving force in creating investments that connect to the modern world that will make progress. As well as being an important business opportunity to show the potential to adapt to Industry 4.0 and strengthen the competitiveness in the global market.

As for the return of Automation Expo this time, partly due to the COVID-19 situation. starting to relax The event format will be more hybrid as a result of Green World’s full penetration of digital media for the industry. To compensate for the lack of events in 2021, which found that industrial personnel and suppliers are increasingly turning to digital channels, this year’s AUTOMATION EXPO will accommodate visitors from other provinces. View products, contact for quotations, and watch Live Webinar live as visitors at the event through the Smart Registration system, a central platform that works across all channels, including Visitors, Buyers and Exhibitors. Anyone can view their contact history or check-in in real-time.

For the META Manufacturing concept, besides new technologies, AUTOMATION EXPO wants to offer new experiences and images. to industry trade shows There are several interesting highlights in the event, including:

Springboard Venture – because we believe that digital technology is a leap forward opportunity for Thai industry. Supported by PTT Digital Solutions and AIS 5G, showing practical solutions for industrial plants.

Next Generation Startup – This is a pavilion that combines a successful Thai Industrial Tech Startup. Startup in our home is not only about e-commerce or fintech. Entrepreneurs will find good solutions by Thai people such as AI, Digital Twin, Mobile Maintenance Platform, Drone, etc.

Metaverse for Manufacturing – Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality technologies used in business and industry. There are content and new applications to try out, as well as introductory workshops.

Business Matching – to promote trading Initiated a Cash Back promotion, which was the first time that industrial shoppers were able to accumulate balance from the entire event. Suppliers are encouraged to do Elevator Pitch in advance online to explore buying interest. During the event, there will also be Live Flash Sales, special prices for both Onsite buyers and Online buyers.

Industrial Media Platform – with wanting people to feel the atmosphere of coming back to meet and exchange knowledge and experience Thus creating an area for new generations of influencers from engineering and industry to do Live Tour and review interesting technologies in the event. As well as inviting visitors to join in the fun with the Micro Influencers Competition for everyone to take on the role of industry technology reviewers. Share stories through Digital Media and receive rewards from the organizers.

There is also talk of building human capital to support new industries, which is a reversal of the traditional model in which educational institutions are providing knowledge or Supply Push to Demand Driven that first explores the needs of the industry. There is a project called EEC Model Type A that the industrial sector designs curricula with educational institutions to have work to support immediately Entrepreneurs will pay the expenses to the selected students with tax deductible expenses.

And EEC Model Type B is an upskill for industrial personnel and fresh graduates. Educational institutions must design short-term courses to meet the needs of entrepreneurs. The EEC will pay 50% of the expenses, and the entrepreneurs 50% will be paid, which can be used for tax deduction as well. It is an upgraded development for the whole industry or the whole region.
EEC Model Type B

An arrangement of encounters or accessed through various communication networks in Automation Expo 2022 is another dimension that will help support, help adjust the landscape and ecosystem of the new advancement of the manufacturing society. Promote access to the digital world openly to lead to production upgrades From the old level to the new advancement in the form of a digital platform and a service system that is fully integrated with modern technology. Including meetings between experts and business groups related to Industry 4.0 is an important step to strengthen the ecosystem, adjust landscape and experience creating a tangible, upgrading of industrial and logistics development who want to adjust their potential from the original context to the world of Industry 4.0

Automation Expo 2022 In addition to opening up new horizons for engineers, many administrators in adapting to the use of technology 4.0 is also like a museum of automation technology for students to come in and learn about real machines from the automation technology presented in this event. It would be nice if Automation Expo 2022 was a classroom outside the institution of students, creating a learning experience that is up to date with the new world. In addition to textbooks and tools installed in educational institutions’ laboratories that may be lagging behind and out of date for longtime.

Story by Dr.Nichakon Thongplew

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