Raising the level of advanced digital workforce Responding to the private sector EEC

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By Asst. Prof. Dr. Nattapon Nimmanphatcharin

One of the key factors that will lead Thailand towards a digital economy and society is manpower development and the country’s digital personnel to meet the needs of the industrial sector Which relevant agencies need to accelerate the elevation of ‘digital people’, especially in the EEC.

Accelerate the upgrading of ‘digital people’, especially in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) to reduce dependence on foreign personnel and will not be a burden on the country in the long run

The Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa) takes into account the importance of upskilling and reskilling in digital workforce. Along with creating enough digital experts to meet the needs of the country through the Institute for Developing DIGITAL for the EEC or Digital Economy Thailand (DAT) in collaboration with Kasetsart University, Sriracha Campus, Chonburi

To prepare for the digital manpower before entering the industry in the EEC area with a short specialized training course to upgrade the advanced digital workforce. It is also a center for creating personnel with expertise in AI and Data Science.

In addition, a cloud computing network has been developed. Big data analytics system based on artificial intelligence technology platform cloud infrastructure to serve the private sector in the area.

Depa and Kasetsart University focus on producing quality digital manpower through the principle of ‘reduce redundancy, capacity building ,Combine the power to drive the development of digital manpower right on the spot’ Reduce redundancy is that Depa will not use the principle of creating the training course itself. But will serve to strengthen fulfilling the potential of DAT, which is considered an agency that has a direct mission to raise the potential of digital workers in the EEC to have strengths in human development.

It is the center of the production of digital workforce through a training course at the institute developed on the right spot by a team of knowledgeable lecturer, expertise, Meet the needs of private sector entrepreneurs in the EEC and surrounding areas. Supporting the digital economy and society as well as extending to other advanced industries of the country in the future.

Over the past two years (Mar. 2019 – Dec. 2021), DAT has been able to develop the potential of more than 1,600 advanced digital workers through 42 courses such as Practical Data Science, Advanced Data Science and Machine Learning, IoT Fundamental, Advanced IoT, AI using Pythons, etc., resulting in the training participants gaining new knowledge and can be applied concretely.

In addition, DAT has also built an open platform for AI and data science for government agencies and private sectors. Promote applications to transition from small local industries to Industry 4.0, build business alliances and industrial sector both at home and abroad. Developing personnel in SMEs sector to build on , expand business, develop management in the digital age. It has modern training rooms and laboratories, complete with training equipment including cloud computing networks, big data analytics system on cloud infrastructure artificial intelligence technology platform including network equipment for connection.

Nowadays, training courses from DAT are getting a lot of attention. The goal is to continuously develop the potential of more than 500 workers per year, with the hope that this area will be a center for developing advanced digital workforce skills. Produce quality digital specialists for the EEC and help in expanding cooperation to other regions. Create added value to the economy stimulate the overall economic recovery of Thailand and continue to grow sustainably.

For the training course from DAT for the year 2022 will open for interested applicants soon. You can follow more details at
Digital Academy Thailand Facebook page

By Asst. Prof. Dr. Nattapon Nimmanphatcharin chief executive Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa)

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