Cloud Data Center of Thai people invest 800 million at “Silicon Tech Park”

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EEC Global Cloud Co., Ltd. expands the data center business base for Thai people, landing the main pillar, invests 800 million baht, hoping to push the digital industry in the EEC, the first step in the “Silicon Tech Park” area, Ban Chang, Rayong Province, and will be completed in July 2022. Dr. Kanit is confident that the pilot of the Data Center will accelerate Digital business in the next 5 years 50 billion baht
EEC Global Cloud Co., Ltd. expands the data center business base for Thai people, setting up a pillar with an investment of 800 million baht, hoping to push the digital industry in the EEC, the first step in the area of “Silicon Tech Park”, Ban Chang, Rayong Province, completed in July 2022.

Dr. Kanit Sangsubhan, Secretary-General of the Eastern Economic Corridor Policy Committee has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with EEC Global Cloud Company Limited at the Company’s meeting room at 95 Village No. 6, Banchang Subdistrict, Ban Chang District, Rayong Province, which is located in the area Digital Innovation and High Technology Center, Ban Chang, Rayong Province, January 16, 2022

EEC Global Cloud Company Limited operates Data Center business for Thai people with the main objective of providing Hybrid Cloud services to support both public and private users such as Manufacturing, Healthcare, Education, e-Commerce. The company’s services are an added channel for competition and an opportunity to create additional value. Including reducing costs for customers. There are many types of services such as Infrastructure as a Service that can connect to other service providers both at home and abroad. Providing a Platform as a Service that the company is ready for customers who want to use, Including the analysis of data to create a Predictive Model for creating business value added for service users. The company will start providing services in July 2022.

EEC Global Cloud Co., Ltd. was established with advice and support from the Eastern Economic Corridor Policy Office (EEC) who wished to see the presence of a DATA CENTER of Thai people, invested and operated by Thai people with international standards, safety and stability, so that Thai and foreign investors can easily access. Showing the potential for high-technology development of Thailand, OHEC has initiated the signing of an MOU to encourage all sectors in the Eastern Special Development Zone (EEC) to have access and be able to take advantage of the services of EEC Global Cloud Company Limited

Police Lieutenant General Pridi Pongsetasan, The chairman of the company said that DATA CENTER of EEC Global Cloud Co., Ltd. has international standards at the level of TIER 3, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001. Operations focus on 3 main principles, which are data security for customers. Providing more storage and most importantly, lower cost: High Security, More Space, Less Price.

EEC Global Cloud Company Limited is ready and willing to cooperate, support and provide services to all sectors taking into account the benefits of the country, people, society, community and locality as important. We are ready to be a business alliance with both domestic and foreign investors.

“We want to be part of the country’s development. We develop to all world standards. But serving in the new era, New S-curve, we also look at the old industry. Because the current industry in the same area also use technology and more innovation we want to be a part. In addition, what we do not neglect are various government agencies which will be changed to all digital ,We want to come and help here. This is the starting point, We do not leave people , To develop various organizations. We hope to be a role model and thank Dr. Kanit for letting us be a part,” said Police Lieutenant General Pridi.

“Having a Data Center is not just about collecting data. Even though that’s good enough because we don’t have any storage, all our data is abroad. What data are you talking about? public, private, business work data,such as data at Ban Chang Smart City will store this data , this is the starting point. The company will help build a Data Center, but doing Data Center here will move towards doing business with information, which is that the business sector has brought all the data to be linked together for benefits. That only not enough , After having central information for both Thai and foreign businessmen to use. In the common data lake, Dr.Djit Laowatana, a special consultant in education development, personnel and technology, OHEC, is the one to help take care of it. As for us, we will help with the law and regulations to be practical. So actually we estimate that the pipe, pole, line business is small, but the data business is very big, so we commit that in the next 5 years we can find 50 billion baht in digital investments related to it.” Dr. Kanit said

DATA CENTER of Thai people has invested more than 800 million baht and is also the first project in the Silicon Tech Park project area. Silicon Tech Park is one of the project areas that have been approved to establish and change the economic promotion zone 7 additional special places under the Policy Committee of the Eastern Special Development Zone or the HEC.

Innovation Technology Park is therefore an important policy and infrastructure tool that supports the private sector to invest in development. To lead a balanced and sustainable knowledge economy by helping to promote the development of scientific knowledge, technology and innovation of Thailand to be strong and is the intermediary link between industrial sector, education and research sector, government sector and local community sector. The goal is to help drive the country’s economy in the future.

In the morning of the same day, There is also an auspicious ceremony for the downing of the main pillar of the Data Center with honors from Pol Gen Patcharawat Wongsuwan, former National Police Commissioner presided over the ceremony. Phrathepwachirayansophon Primate of Surin Province Presiding Officer of the Sangha Praying the Buddha’s mantra, Among the witnesses, led by Dr. Kanit Sangsubhan, Secretary-General of the Eastern Economic Corridor Policy Committee, Dr.Djiit Laowatana, Special Advisor on Education Development, Personnel and Technology, OHEC, Mr. NPairoj Piempongsarn, Chairman of Silicon Technology Park Co., Ltd., Mr. Sakbowon Bhukkanasut, Managing Director and Director of Infraset Public Company Limited.

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