“Silicon Tech Park” Ban Chang pins “Internet prototype” that combines fiber optics, 5G and satellite to attract investors

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As a technology company participate in design work – control work ,including importing new technologies entering to”Silicon Tech Park” Ban Chang , Mr.Prapat said that this place needs to build a prototype internet structure by using fiber optics, 5G, and satellites to attract investors.

Prapat Rathlertkarn,
Chairman of the Planet Communications Asia PLC.

Thailand’s strengths are we have strong fiber optics and 5G that need developed faster to be a model city under the concept of energy consumption in response to the COP26 state policy.

Another highlight of Thailand and Thai people very good at using mobile internet. Confident in being a model area showing how Smart City, Smart Factory, Smart Health.

At present, we have negotiated with leading factories and many leading technology-related countries around the world, such as America, Russia, China, in order to extract the potential of technology-innovation for investment, study, design and knowledge transfer in Thailand.

PlanetComm is a MAI listed company responsible for design, supervision and implementation of new technologies that in the world to do whatever to make Silicon Tech Park the best Hi-Tech park. This is a model city, we don’t walk alone, we invite factories, invite countries where they work well to invest. We believe that this place is the most advanced and one of the best in the world.

Q : The first highlight of “Silicon Tech Park” Ban Chang accelerates the design of a prototype Internet infrastructure using 5G, fiber optics and satellites to attract investors.
A : PlanetComm is a company listed on the MAI Stock Exchange. We are a company specializing in digital technology. We have been joining this project for several months and helping to develop various designs. And recently, we have signed a contract to be the project manager of this project. We are responsible for designing and supervising work and bringing in new technology in the world. Do whatever it takes to make Silicon Tech Park as high-tech as possible. With high-speed internet, there is energy-saving technology, 5G technology. Anything new in the world, we will use it in this project.

First, we design the structure of highest speed internet as possible. As a model of Thailand, where we will use fiber optic cables, we use 5G and use these 3 satellites in combination with speeds ranging from 1 GB to 10GB for this community and the companies can use very high speed internet to attract investors and researchers to invest in this project.

In this we have to look at the picture that can’t compare with the company. It must compare with the city. Now in Thailand our capability is fiber optic system. We cover the whole country, and 5G has started to cover the whole country. But what we will do is how to make our fiber faster, 5G faster and connect work in EEC thoroughly. Silicon Tech Park will be a model city that focuses on high speed internet everywhere and use all the same high speed.

And we put another emphasis on Green. Here it has to be a model of Green, which is cleanliness. We use pure energy to meet the government policy, Corp 26, we use all our energy. Whether it’s solar cells, winter blinds, EV chargers, or anything that is technology to used in this project.

Q : Thailand and Thai people are very good at using mobile internet.
A: Thailand, I can say for one thing. Thai people use the Internet more proficiently than others. Now our mobile is almost number one. We are very good at using mobile applications. Using Mobile payments . Our use of the Internet is very good. But in order to build on it, it has to be used to improve people’s way of life and used in industrial development. Therefore, here will be the same model that will bring technology such as Robotic, Automation with less manpower and high efficiency And using various technologies additions, will make this a model that will show more than we only pay for. Now life has to be better like Smart City, Smart Factory, Smart Health, are 3 things we focus on.

Q : Draw the potential of technology-innovation from around the world to invest in study, design and knowledge transfer in Thailand.
A: Here we have invited world-class factories. We have invited many countries to join us, such as Russia, China, USA and UAE, many countries have invited the world’s leading factories to be in this Tech Park. Also, there will be an R&D center like in the US. We will hear about Cisco and negotiated with Cisco to set up an R&D center here and showing new innovations. Recently, we have a training,research and technology transfer to Thai people.

Therefore, this will be the world’s latest technology gathering center. For example, in China, we talk to Huawei as well. let them invest here If they wants to create R&D,they comes here. And this is a model city with something new. We don’t walk alone, we invite the factory Invite countries that they have expertise to invest ,to help design. Therefore, we believe that this place is the most modern and advance in the world. It’s already in the invitation and with our good image I believe that each factory has interests, and each country is interested in joining us. But this building, we are under construction. Today is the first day so there are still about six months to a year to complete the infrastructure.

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