“Maggie, Perfect Choice for Mom, Perfect Taste for Kids”

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Maggi launches a new insight-based campaign from Mom’s perspective, under the concept MAGGI, a requisite seasoning sauce for all households, introduces a new campaign to mark the beginning of 2022, presenting the concept of “Maggie, Perfect Choice for Mom, Perfect Taste for Kids”.

Under the campaign, a new TV commercial is rolled out to continue strengthening the brand’s position as the sauce of choice for every kitchen.

Returning to star in the commercial are Maggi’s current presenters, actress ‘Araya A. Hargate’ and the entertainment industry’s hottest twins, ‘Saifah Rangsisingpipat’ and ‘Bhayu Rangsisingpipat’. This time around, the three will be conveying a heartwarming and adorable story through their favorite dishes that use Maggi sauce, applying and cooking creativities based on the insights of moms who need to overcome ever-changing challenges every single day in order to serve the best meal for their children and the family.

Based on insights shared by many mothers and cooking enthusiasts, they have to come across daily challenges in the kitchen, such as creating new dishes that are healthy and tasty to satisfy the family’s appetite, preparing ingredients within a set budget, as well as many other challenges they must overcome every time they enter the kitchen.

Ms. Cruawan Varunpaichit, Business Executive Officer – Food and Nestle Professional, Nestle Indochina, said “Part of Maggi’s success in 2021 was a result of working with Araya A. Hargate and the Saifah-Bhayu twins. Through their presentation, Maggi products have gained wider recognition, continually increased its market shares, and saw further growth in the traditional trade channel, which reflects its reach to a wider group of consumers.

In 2022, we aim to consistently launch the campaign “Maggie, Perfect Choice for Mom, Perfect Taste for Kids” to convey the insights from the perspective of moms. This will be delivered through a short 30-second commercial that clearly communicates the main idea, with which we believe many moms can sympathize.

Maggi wishes to express that despite all the challenges, every time a mother enters the kitchen, what she really wishes for is to see the smiles and moments of happiness of beloved family members bonding over their favorite dishes. It is a simple bond that can be created through every meal. Wouldn’t it be wonderful for moms and cooking enthusiasts to have a cooking companion to assist them in crafting healthy and delicious meals? It is like how Maggi can transform every menu into a tasty dish thanks to the smooth taste from natural soybeans, offering itself as the Perfect cooking partner for every households, enhancing deliciousness into every meal.”

“The performance of Araya A. Hargate and the twins ‘Saifah – Bhayu’, together with robust ideas arising from mother’s insights and the warm tone and homey mood, are premium ingredients that perfectly combine to create a heartwarming short commercial that can surely trigger a smile. In addition to the robust insights and skills of the presenters, another factor that makes the new advertising campaign even more impactful is the ending jingle ‘Maggie makes every dish a perfect dish’ which highlights special attributes of Maggi seasoning sauce. This jingle will also be played via in-store radios to fulfill the all-round 360 degrees communication strategy, covering both online and offline platforms, so as to engage more new customers and further strengthen Maggi’s new campaign.” Ms. Cruawan Varunpaichit concluded.

Watch the short commercial film now at https://bit.ly/3eXYP0N. Maggi seasoning sauce is available at all leading supermarkets and convenience stores near you.

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